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We design beautiful, professional and responsive websites. All our websites are SEO compatible. We can provide domain names and website hosting services if you don’t already have your own. We offer affordable annual website maintenance plans to ensure your website has little downtime. Whether this is your first website or you want to refresh your current website, we can help you.

Looking at growing your Email Marketing through electronic Newsletter distribution? We can help you.

Our Feng Shui consultancy services can advise you on how to tap into your positive energy to enhance good luck, good health and abundance. You can request a Personal Feng Shui Report for individual and personalised advice. We can also provide a thorough analysis of your home and / or your office with floor plans and recommendations on positive energy enhancements.

Improve your business with our beautiful and professionally responsive websites that are tailor made for your industry.

Reach out to your customers periodically using newsletters. Grow your business through email marketing.

Our feng shui consultant can help improve your personal luck and improve the energy in your home and or office.

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Susan introduced me to Feng Shui. I was sceptical at first when I read Susan's Feng Shui chart, especially about moving furniture and not sitting in my "bad" directions. She asked me to try it for a month and see what happened. I did. I am so glad I did! I was approached by a senior member of staff about moving careers. I always wanted a career in HR! I got the temporary position, was then offered a permanent position. Within 3 months I was promoted! All because I followed Susan's charts and advice. I'm so glad I did! My life has had less obstacles and I feel I am in control of my life. Not to mention the good things keep coming! Thank you Susan for introducing me to Feng Shui! Thank you for changing my life! I look forward to your continued guidance!

Dia G.


HR Team Leader, Doncaster, UK

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I retired to Warners Bay from Sydney in 2018. My health had not improved as l would have hoped with the sea change. Having coffee with a friend, she suggested I consult Susan about Feng Shui my apartment.  Although not into Feng Shui myself l was happy to give it a go. A few months down the track and l am happy to say my health and vitality have returned, the future looks a lot brighter.  l am now a Feng Shui believer and look forward to my next Feng Shui chart from Susan.

Frances J.


Retiree, NSW, Australia

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